An open letter from AARA

To the Xavier community: Aspiring Anti-Racist Allies (AARA) is an affinity group of approximately fifty self-identified White staff, faculty and alumni who want to become anti-racist, anti-supremacist allies and examine our own ideas about race and racism. We meet every other week to discuss readings and current events. Our focus is on challenging ourselves and other White people to take responsibility for racist oppression. We welcome opportunities to communicate, collaborate and build relationships with people of color to challenge racism together. As such, we are writing this open letter in response Jeff Coleman and Dave Johnson’s letter to students regarding … Continue reading An open letter from AARA

Why Black people tend to shout

By: Taylor Zachary ~Staff Writer~ A man once asked me: why do Black people shout? His eyebrows bent toward the center of his face with confusion and inquiry. His eyes sparkled with expectation. In this moment, I was his personal encyclopedia, a racialized almanac of some sort. Or so he thought. A thick silence arose preceding an answer that never came. The sound of my fleeting footsteps gave his tense brows permission to relax. I can only wonder, today, if his answer ever came. I wonder how often this question floats in and out of his mind, like the odysseys … Continue reading Why Black people tend to shout