TEDx returns to Xavier

By: Hollis Conners

Xavier recently hosted TEDx, a series of lectures with the theme, “Touching the hearts and minds of others through innovation, service and leadership.”

TEDx took place on April 26 in Schiff Banquet Hall in Cintas Center. A major portion of the audience was Xavier alumni. Students, faculty and other selected members of the surrounding community were also able to attend. TED, which stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design, is a global, nonprofit  organization.

It brings speakers to talk about their ideas and spread these ideas to those who attend. The talks never last longer than 18 minutes and can be about virtually any topic.The “x” indicates the event was independently organized.

These events must undergo a specific process. TED needs to issue a license, which lasts for one event, and it is then typically approved.

Some speakers came from Xavier itself, including Dr. Ernest Fontana and Dr. Kaleel Skeirik. TEDx is designed to energize and inspire the audience with what the speakers had to say.

Additionally, students, faculty and other attendees ideally make connections and develop their own ideas to make changes in their own lives. Whether the long-term goals are achieved will be determined in time. Xavier University TEDx also wanted to “promote Xavier as an innovative, forward thinking institution that maintains its Jesuit ideals.”

“The mindset is always to bring together XU student, staff, faculty, alumni and professionals from Greater Cincinnati to share ideas worth spreading,” Marketing and Committee Chair Mike Farwell said. “Through this sharing, the plan is for attendees to collaborate and establish positive initiatives together moving forward. So again, time will tell as far as how well we inspired our attendees to act with passion now that they’ve gone back into their daily lives.”

TEDx Xavier University hopes to bring TEDx back next year. Facts and figures must be reported to TED. After that, they will be allowed to attempt a second license renewal.