Art Dept. hosts “Light Up Xavier”

By: Patrick E. Phillips

Waving glow sticks, flashlights and sparklers, Xavier students had a chance to be a part of a unique, interactive artistic experience, “Light Up Xavier.”

Associate Professor of 2D Design, Graphic Design and Photography, Jonathan Gibson, and the Art Department hosted an entertaining night of interactive photography this past Wednesday.

“I’ve always wanted to host a light-painting event,” Gibson said. “Week of Welcome provided the perfect opportunity to do so.”

Using a digital camera with a 10-second exposure setting, students danced with lights while the camera slowly captured their movements.

When the photo was taken, it was uploaded to a computer and projected onto a screen, showing their 10-second light show captured in an instant.

Students came in waves, lining up to take their turn in front of the camera and color the night.

They spelled words, drew pictures and ran across the screen, creating eye-popping photographs.

José Alonso, a senior international studies major and art minor, helped set up and run the event.

“This was a really cool visual arts experience unlike anything we’ve really done before,” Alonso said. “It’s interactive photography, where the subject of the photo gets to decide the final product instead of the person taking the photo.”

With a great turnout, the Art Department’s “Light Up Xavier” was a successful event for Week of Welcome.

If you are interested in seeing the full collection of photos from the “Light Up Xavier” event, you can find them on the Xavier University Department of Art Facebook page.