Club Profile: Child’s Play

By: Gina Carfragno

Xavier’s chapter of Child’s Play, a national organization that helps local children’s hospitals through gaming, is drawing attention after its first event.

The money the club makes is used to buy games and activities for children to use during their hospitalization.

Child’s Play groups put on events such as fundraisers, gaming marathons and gaming tournaments in order to bring gamers together as well as to raise money. This group is the first for gamers at Xavier in recent memory.

The Xavier chapter of Child’s Play was founded by senior President Megan Bowling, junior Vice President Adam Manson, and junior Secretary Katelyn Summers. Kuhlman Hall Director Dominick Williams advises the group.

They hope that with the mass amount of gamers that seem to populate Xavier’s campus, the club can grow large enough to help many children in need of entertainment during long hospital stays.

The trio has big ideas for what the upcoming year will look like, and have planned events to draw in big crowds. The first event, a Super Smash Brothers tournament, was hosted Monday and attracted a fair number of people, including several first-year students.

Child’s Play’s biggest event this year will likely be a gaming marathon that lasts a half a day or more. It will include several areas that feature a variety of games as well as raffles and prizes throughout the event.

The club will also host game nights once a month, each with its own theme such as Nintendo, Sony or potentially a board game night as well. At these events, students will be able to rent out games and play them at the venue.

The club’s members and attendees will also have the ability to directly donate money or games and toys to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

Club meetings are scheduled at 8 p.m. on Mondays and the location is still to be determined.

The club is currently in need of people interested in being on a donation committee and those willing to be on a board to help plan monthly game nights.

To get involved, be sure to check out the club’s Orgsync and Facebook pages or contact Bowling, Manson or Summers.