Letters to the Editor: in response to “Seeking moral ground: regarding ROTC”

By: Lauren Vaughan

The existence of the U.S. military is of absolute necessity to American freedom. To suggest anything else would be hopelessly naïve. The freedoms we enjoy come at a price — the sacrifice of American life and limb. To ignore that is shamefully disrespectful.

The denunciation of U.S. military as a “force of evil in the world” is both ignorant and ridiculous. Our military is made up of Americans who are the only thing standing between your freedom and those who wish to attack it. Our freedom was built by their blood and is protected by their sacrifice.

The military’s actions are not chosen by soldiers or officers or anyone else on the ground risking their life for yours. Although generals and admirals develop specific plans and strategies, its objectives are dictated by politicians.

Your attacks are misguided, Taylor. It is the objectives of politicians you should be protesting. It is likewise politicians that design the actions carried out by agents of American paramilitary forces, like the CIA, which you have also attacked.

The things you object to are the actions of politicians, not soldiers and sailors. If you want those things to stop, it would make more sense to protest the study of political science than to impede the training and education of our military.

“It’s time to get honest.” To suggest that to support an officer training program is perpetuating a culture of violence is embarrassing. Your blatant disregard for the supreme sacrifice of men and women giving life and limb in defense of our freedom is irreverent.

Further, you are suggesting that American Catholics cannot be both Americans and Catholics. We do not hope for war. We do not lightly send troops to battle.

We do not chase down opportunities for “imperialism.” We pray for peace and thank God there are Americans willing to stand between us and the line of fire.

If it is violence and evil you protest, it would make more sense to place flowers and flags at the headstones of our fallen soldiers than to protest their education and training. It would make more sense to support the children whose fathers and mothers gave their lives and limbs in your defense than to obstruct the education of those who would courageously take their place.

If you would pray for peace I would pray with you, as would our brave men and women in America’s armed forces. And if you would fight for my freedom, I would hold you up, not hold you down