Xavier Bookstore introduces new delivery service

By: Maddie Day

The Xavier Bookstore is preparing to launch a new delivery service for students living on campus.

The service is the result of a successful pilot delivery program that took place at the beginning of this fall semester.

This year’s incoming freshmen were given the option to have their online bookstore orders delivered directly to their dorm rooms free of charge.

The custom packages also came with a 10 percent off general merchandise coupon for the bookstore and a number of other coupons from campus partners.

Following the success of the pilot service, the Xavier Bookstore plans to provide similar services to the entire campus community this spring.

The service supports the mission of the Xavier Bookstore to provide students with convenient access to the materials they need.

“Meeting the needs of our customers requires providing choices — in course material format and pricing as well as delivery,” Michael Hubbard, store director for the Xavier Bookstore said. “This new residence hall delivery service is another step toward ensuring we provide the products students want, when and where they want them.”

Xavier students are excited about the benefits of the new service.

“I believe this new bookstore delivery option will benefit students campus-wide,” Traci Garcia, junior and Student Government Association Senator said. “It will help reduce bookstore wait times and eliminate some of the stress that comes with starting a new semester.”

The service is expected to help students order and receive their course materials without the hassle of making numerous trips to the bookstore or waiting in long lines to pick up books.

All students living in on-campus residence halls will have the opportunity to benefit from the new venture.

The Xavier Bookstore is expected to release more details about the new delivery service later this semester.