Switchfoot’s “Fading West” comes to Cincinnati’s The Underground

By: Hollis Conners

Grammy Award-winning rock band, Switchfoot, continued its 43-city tour in Cincinnati in anticipation of its ninth studio album in Jan. 2014.

Switchfoot performed at The Underground on Oct. 3, playing old favorites such as “Dare You to Move” and “Dark Horses,” as well as three new songs from the band’s upcoming album, “Fading West.”

This tour offered fans a unique experience. Before the music began, the audience was able to have a viewing of the band’s music and self-produced surfing documentary, “Fading West.”

Those in attendance were able to see Switchfoot like never before.

The audience watched as the band traveled and surfed its way through Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Indonesia and then finally back to its roots in San Diego.

“Fading West” showed how Switchfoot used music from these places for inspiration on its new album.

The audience was also able to gain a look into the personal lives of the band; including families, as the band’s greatest inspiration.

Viewers cheered loudly when the film featured the ninth annual Bro-Am, an all-day event hosted by Switchfoot, which includes a surf contest, live concert and charity auction.

The money made went to homeless children in San Diego who inspired the band’s hit, “Dark Horses.”

In between songs, the band would answer questions posted to the Switchfoot Twitter page.

When asked to sing “Happy Birthday” to an audience member, the band complied eagerly. The crowd then joined in.

Lead singer Jon Foreman would also step off stage into the crowd and sing in the middle of the room.

To finish the concert, the band played an acoustic version of its song “Hello Hurricane.”

The performance first encouraged the audience to stomp their feet in tune to the song.

The room was soon full of the sounds of stomping and clapping as the band stood at the edge of the stage and sang.

Switchfoot left the crowd feeling as if it knew each member personally. The documentary, along with live Twitter interaction and a musical performance really made the experience unique, yet classic.

The EP of “Fading West” is currently available on iTunes.

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