CFJ to host summer service internships

Alex Spindler ~Staff Writer~

The Dorothy Day Center for Faith and Justice (CFJ) is once again offering its Summer Service Internship Program (SSI) to Xavier students.

Students can use the program, which combines a paid internship with intrinsic service rewards, to connect with the area in meaningful ways. The Summer Service Internship allows students to branch out and influence others in the community, specifically those located around Cincinnati.

Samantha Meza, senior student coordinator for the organization, speaks highly of the internship’s unique advantages.

“SSI allows students to engage in service, reflection and community building while learning about issues of social justice,” Meza said. “It gives students the opportunity to do meaningful work in the Cincinnati area and then bring those experiences back to Xavier.”

The variety of service programs offered to Xavier students through this internship include working with those in poverty, assisting local children seeking extracurriculars in order to deter them from street crime and violence, promoting greater awareness for environmental care and many more.

Xavier partners organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club of Cincinnati, Society of St. Vincent DePaul and the Center for Holocaust and Humanity Education to allow students the chance to work cooperatively and even begin career paths in nonprofit work.

In addition, interns communicate with other leaders at Xavier University and experience a unique time exploration of the Queen City’s hidden gems.

“The interns don’t simply live in Cincinnati. They engage with this great city through their work at service agencies and discover all the exciting adventures that the city has to offer,” Meza said.

Students in the internship program will live together in a community on campus in Brockman Hall.

Any student interested in applying for the Summer Service Internship should seek out the Dorothy Day Center for Faith and Justice’s website for more information.

Forms for application are available on OrgSync. The application is due at 5 pm on Jan. 24.