Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority hosts Ivy Prince Scholarship Pageant

By: Lydia Rogers ~Staff Writer~

The RemArKAble Rho Psi Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. hosted the fifth annual Ivy Prince Scholarship Pageant on Feb. 22. The Ivy Prince is a pageant that showcases the talents and contributions of the male students on campus.

The annual event also provides contestants with the opportunity to receive a financial award that goes towards tuition and books. This year’s pageant was “suit and tie” themed.

“This pageant involved five hardworking participants who competed for the crown by exemplifying excellence in intellect, character, originality and creativity,” Rho Psi Chapter President Deej Hall said. “We hope that the Ivy Prince Pageant will provide these young men with more self-esteem and confidence to impact our community.”

The pageant kicked off with a choreographed dance number performed by the five contestants, followed by three rounds of competition.

First were introductions, in which the contestants shared a bit about themselves along with their personal life philosophies.

Next was the talent section, in which the contestants displayed their artistic abilities in singing, original poetry and original raps.

Finally, the contestants were escorted by the female Rho Psi Chapter members and asked questions about their motivations and grade.

After deliberation, the judges crowned first-year Xavier University Gospel Choir member Dominic Ekezie as this year’s Ivy Prince.

“Winning … is not only an individual achievement for me, but it also gives me the opportunity to help progress the community,” Ekezie said.

“I realize now that I will be a face that represents being a role model to my fellow peers and a leader to the younger generation. I will be a symbol of thinking outside the box and a representation of creativity both physically and mentally,” he said.

The proceeds from ticket sales went towards the pageant winner’s scholarship.

Rho Psi also hosted a canned food drive at the event. The collected food items were donated to the City Gospel Mission, an organization dedicated to people in Cincinnati’s homeless community.