Murder Mystery Dinner makes for a fun evening

By: Gina Carfagno ~Staff Writer~

The Commuter Council in conjunction with Xavier Players produced a murder mystery dinner in the Cintas Center conference rooms. Guests were treated to a free pasta dinner, catered by Cintas Center, and enjoyed a night of entertainment from student actors on Feb. 21.

The plot followed the employees of the Little Dean Theater as they faced the death of an actor, Vincent, who is poisoned on stage during a performance. As the investigation continues, head stage manager Sterling is also poisoned.

It was up to the audience, with assistance from a lovable detective, to figure out who committed the heinous deed. The actors went around and talked to the audience about their feelings toward the deceased and the other characters.

Senior Greg Hartman got the crowd going with his portrayal of the detective whose awkward demeanor provided humor for the night. Another crowd favorite was director and co-producer Jackie Mapes who played the brash director of the Little Dean Theater (who is also named Jackie) titillated by the new publicity the theater received in the wake of actor Vincent’s death. The audience was fully engaged as it deduced who it thought was guilty of killing the characters Vincent and Sterling.

One table was able to correctly accuse the murderer — actress and assistant stage manager Felicity Frank, played by first-year Elizabeth Kenkel. Two other tables secured the “Dead Last Place Award” for their guesses of Miss Scarlet and Colonel Mustard as the culprit. The Commuter Council hopes to put on another Murder Mystery Dinner Show next year with more time to prepare the actors. The group also hopes to find a new venue to accommodate more guests, since many were turned away at the door.