Mickey Rooney passes at age 93 Star of the “Andy Hardy” movies leaves behind long legacy

By: Alex Spindler ~Staff Writer~

Noted film icon Mickey Rooney died of natural causes at age 93.

One of the last of his gen­eration, Rooney represented two eras of both si­lent cinema and the Golden Age – the 1940s and ‘50s Hollywood.

At just 14 months old, Rooney began ap­pearing in his par­ents’ vaudeville act to help his strug­gling family with money.

A natural talent even in his youth, Rooney broke into mainstream success with mu­sical films and ro­mances thanks to a successful cou­pling with another screen legend, Judy Garland.

The pair domi­nated both the hearts and box of­fice of a nation immersed in the Great Depression with another World War looming in the future.

After appearing in almost 10 “Andy Hardy” talkies, Rooney struggled to find work, finding

his boyish charm, good looks and a light, tenor voice.

Still, Rooney was able to keep his name in the limelight and nev­er faded from the hearts of mil­lions who adored his pictures.

The winner of Juvenile Academy Awards, Golden Globes and an Emmy, Rooney sought to be as versatile as possible

Feeling a need to give back to his country, Rooney enlisted in the United States Army in 1944 and served for almost 21 months.

After his service, Rooney remained with the Armed Forces and trav­eled across North America and Europe to entertain soldiers, often in tandem with Garland.

As his repertoire of film and televi­sion opportunities changed throughout his whole career, so did his love life.

Mickey Rooney starred alongside Judy Garland in films such as “Babes in Arms.”

Equal to the troubled romances of Elizabeth Taylor, Judy Garland and Larry King, Rooney married eight times throughout his life with some of his marriages lasting 100 days or less.

His dependence on alcohol and strug­gles to find work late in life severely affected his mental health and often drove him into depression.

Still, audiences will remember Mickey Rooney as a soldier, actor, singer and radio personality who has forever cemented his place in Hollywood history.