Service remembers lost lives

By: Gina Carfagno ~Staff Writer~

For the first time, a Service of Remembrance is being held to provide the campus body with the opportunity to pray and reflect on lives lost during the course of the last year.
The CFJ and Student Government Association will host this service at 4 p.m. on April 9 in Bellarmine Chapel.
This event comes in the wake of two losses in the Xavier community, Dr. Chris Manolis and Dr. Phil Glasgow, both of the Williams College of Business, who passed away this past winter.
Because of these recent deaths in the community, the service comes at a vital time.
“Our gaze will soon shift forward to the summer, when new chapters will begin to unfold for each of us as another academic year concludes,” Center for Faith and Justice (CFJ) Director Greg Carpinello said.
“But the months of April and May also invite us to look backwards, to reflect on the year that has been, to notice our growth, to remember the events that shaped us and to celebrate our accomplishments individually and collectively. The experience of loss is one to which we can all relate,” Carpinello said.
The service will not be a Catholic mass but rather a service that honors the diversity on campus to ensure everyone feels welcome.
The service will include music, spiritual readings, a reflection given by Lea Minniti from the Center for International Education and a remembrance ritual in honor of those our community lost in the course of the year.

Students will gather in Bellarmine Chapel to remember and honor the lives lost over the course of the last year

During the service, attendees will be given the chance to give the names of those they lost so that they can be read. Students are welcome to attend, and those who knew Dr. Manolis or Dr. Glasgow or lost someone personally are encouraged to come.
Many students have been heavily involved in planning the Service of Remembrance. Some will also be serving as readers during the servic