Last senior art show “Illuminate” displays transformative qualities

By: Patrick Phillips ~Staff Writer~

The next body of senior art students’ work is hanging in the Xavier University Art Gallery in the A.B. Cohen Center.
Over the last few weeks, the art gallery at Cohen has displayed the works of various seniors looking to graduate in May.

The Xavier University Art Gallery is dedicated to promoting the varying works of art students.

Although the last thesis presentation consisted of four students’ work (Isabel Aguila, Katherine Colborn, Catherine Maroney and Thomas Rallis), Alex Beard’s show “Illuminate” is being presented as a solo thesis show.

Her show demonstrates her skills with fiber arts, embroidery and textile work. Additionally, her works reflect a multitude of different art forms, blending colors with altering shades to achieve a dramatic effect.
“All of the pieces in ‘Illuminate’ are a direct reflection of my current emotions,” Beard said in her artist statement.

“My pieces reflect me as a student, adult, girlfriend, daughter, sister and roommate. I am teeming with emotions that I want to share with my audience,” Beard said.
Beard also focuses on the transformative properties of art. She strives to build a bridge between her audience and her pieces to communicate her feelings and artistic, personal message.

ThePics 007
Students, faculty and visitors looking through the art studio located in Cohen Hall.

“Through the act of creating, I hope to help others who may also struggle with anxiety and issues with their psyche, letting them know they are not alone and that others share the same symptoms,” Beard said.
“Illuminate” will remain within the Xavier University Gallery in the A.B. Cohen Center until April 25.