Reds bring All-Star Game to Cincinnati

By: Nick McGill ~Sports Editor~

Next July, Cincinnati will be in a whirlwind as baseball fanatics from all over the country will flock to Great American Ballpark where baseball’s best will all be under one spotlight. For the first time since 1988, the Major League. Baseball All-Star Game will take place in Cincinnati in 2015.
Riverfront Stadium hosted the All-Star Game then, and now the young Great American Ball Park looks to be a suitable host.

Each year the best players in baseball are voted to the All-Star Game where they compete against other superstars for bragging rights for their league.
The American League All-Stars take the field against the National League All-Stars, with the winning team taking home field advantage into the World Series.

This break marks the ceremonious halfway point in the Major League season and it is also a great break in the action for some of the best players to relax and compete alongside their opponents rather than against them.

This is a headline event that will garner great visibility for a smaller market franchise like the Cincinnati Reds.
The Reds’ front office has worked hard to create a well-run organization that not only exemplifies good traits of a successful team, but also a franchise that works well together and in the Cincinnati community.

The success of garnering interest in the All-Star Game in Cincinnati resulted in a chance to prove to an MLB selection committee that Cincinnati deserves to host the game.

Cincinnati is home to one of, if not the, most storied franchise in baseball history.
In 1869, the Reds became the first professional baseball team, and over the years the Reds have had countless legends wear Cincinnati uniforms and have fielded some of the best teams in baseball history.

The Reds have won the bid to host the 2015 All-Star game and MLB’s best will gather in Cincinnati.

When the game comes to town there are sure to be many festivities involving baseball legends past and present. Earlier this summer the Reds unveiled the logo for next year’s game and have posted it above the right field seats. Even in the logo’s simple design, there are clear signs of Cincinnati’s efforts to not only commemorate All-Stars of today but also the stars of the past.

The logo uses classic baseball symbols and characterstics while implementing current logos and designs used in today’s game.
This event comes at a pivotal time for the Reds as they are fighting to maintain competitiveness within their division.
The Reds have made the playoffs three of the last four seasons and hope to make that a pattern in the years to come.

As much as the All-Star game being in town is exciting for the Reds, it is even better for the city. This will bring in tourists from all over the world and give business to hotels, businesses, restaurants and local attractions.

With the end of this season looking rather gloomy and hopeless for the Reds, there is great excitement coming to Great American Ballpark. When the All-Star weekend ends next summer, the Reds seem to be confident with the impact they will make in baseball history.