Dr. Jim Daughters joins Department of Music and Theatre

By: Liz Slocum ~Staff Writer~

The Xavier University Department of Music and Theatre has a new interim director.

SymphonicWinds - xavier dot edu
Daughters now conducts many of the ensembles, including symphonic winds (above).

Dr. Jim Daughters has stepped into the position of director of instrumental studies for the new school year. Daughters’ new position puts him at the head of ensembles such as the Xavier Pep Band and Symphonic Winds.

In addition, he teaches Conducting I and II, course requirements for music majors, and Instrumental Music Methods, which is required for music education majors. As the person who oversees the Pep Band, Daughters keeps the group organized and sometimes serves as a director. This is his first year teaching at Xavier, and it has been a rewarding one so far.

Jim Daughers - xavier dot edu
Dr. Jim Daughters is the new interim director.

“I am amazed at how friendly and helpful everyone on campus is — colleagues, students, administrators and support staff — it has made my transition to Xavier incredible,” Daughters said. “I don’t enjoy one class more than the other, but I have enjoyed getting to know all of the students on a personal level.” As the director of instrumental studies, Daughters works with students who are music majors and students who are simply involved in ensembles.

He said that getting to know all of these students and seeing how they all share a common bond with their musical backgrounds is yet another aspect of his new job that he enjoys.

“Each class, I’m allowed to interact with students who all share that same bond — a love and passion for music,” Daughters said. “That creates a lot of special moments for me and I certainly enjoy sharing my life’s passion with each one of them.”