Students react to U. Station complex

By: Justin Worthing ~Staff Writer~

University Station residents are expressing mixed responses to living in the apartment complex following the attempted armed robbery on Sept. 18 and the pool closing on Sept. 6.

U station general
Some residents of the new University Station (pictured above) have voiced concerns about the new development

According to the police alert that was sent to students, an armed, teenage male approached four Xavier students at about 11:10 p.m., demanding money. He escaped empty-handed after the students started yelling.

Following the event, some students voiced concerns about the parking lot’s lighting policy.
“I’m concerned about the lack of attention given to issues after office hours,” senior Vicki Gall, a University Station resident, said in an email. “The Green parking lot lights were not working for the longest time and the only way U. Station would have known this was if students complained.”

“At the beginning of the semesters I (addressed) the building advisor about the Green parking lot lights not coming on at night,” senior Caroline Shrum, another resident, said in an email. “It wasn’t until recently did the lights just start coming on at night.”

Following the incident, some students have reported better lighting during later hours in the parking lot.

In the wake of the attempt, apartment managers have asked residents to take necessary measures to ensure their safety.

“As with any community we always recommend that residents take precautions such as walking in groups at night and knowing who to contact during emergency situations,” Kathleen Murphy, University Station’s Leasing Manager, said in an email. “These types of personal measures should be taken at all times and be common practice in all communities.”

Others have critiqued U. Station’s decision to close the pool following student misuse.
“The pool closing down early because a few students trashed the pool, this should have been expected,” junior Seth Phillips, a U. Station resident, said in an email.
Additionally, a few U. Station residents have expressed issues with construction delays, among other issues.

“The (floors) are very thin,” Shrum said. “I hear nearly everything the unit above us does on a daily basis.”

“The disadvantages of U. Station are the staff is inexperienced and is not consistent with what they tell residents,” Phillips said. “The building was (thrown) up too fast so there are some nuisances that are taking a long time to fix.”

Managers have responded to such criticisms by focusing on the newness of the building and their efforts to correct minor issues.

“With newly constructed properties there are always challenges to make sure everything is completed on time,” Murphy said. “We had teams of vendors helping us take care of the minor fixes that arose after our residents moved in and we were fortunate to have assistance from outside teams as well as understanding and patience from our new residents.”

Not all resident responses have been criticisms, however. Some students said that they also appreciate the quality of their rooms and U. Station’s convenient location.

Pool Station sign
The pool located in the University Station complex was closed on Sept. 6

“The features and amenities that come with the station are awesome,” senior and resident Kortnie James said. “It has a really beautiful design and I love how it doesn’t feel like cramped on-campus housing. I also love having night parking right outside my apartment.”
“The best thing (about living at U. Station) is (having) your own fully furnished apartment, kitchen, bathroom and nearly walk-in closet,” Shrum said. “The privacy is a major plus.”

Because of continued minor improvements and the opening of the remaining venues at U. Station, many residents believe living in the apartments will be an improved experience next year.
“Besides the first year kinks that are getting worked out, U. Station has been a spacious, homey, and fun environment that every student should get to experience,” Gall said. “It makes being in college a lot less stressful because of having your own place to utilize and escape off campus to.”

“University Station is an asset in both Xavier and the surrounding community, but, as anticipated, there is a learning curve,” Student Government Association President Colleen Reynolds said in an email.

“Right now, our community needs to focus on keeping our students safe and informed of what to do in an emergency situation. I am confident as more retail moves in, both the safety and the overall living experience will be improved,” she said.
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