What will it take to have yet another successful season?

Our sports writers were asked to give their input on what it will take to have a succesful year.

As we approach the beginning of the season, there are many questions that are yet un-answered.
The Musketeers are poised to have a great year but must execute perfection to succeed.

Staff writers share what they believe must be done to give Xavier fans a lot to cheer for this season.

Ryan O’Toole:
Take care of the basketball and be efficient.

Sloppy, inefficient play costs Xavier a lot of losses that should not have happened last season.

Hit 3-pointers and make free throws.

11_Dee Davis
Dee Davis looks to be a senior leader.

Most of all, hustle hard and play tough defense throughout the entirety of every

Adam Tortelli:
For Xavier to be successful this year, a new face has to consistently put the ball in the basket.

With last year’s top-two scorers departing, someone must carry the load.

Captains Dee Davis and Matt Stainbrook are both more than capable, but they are at their best when playing maestro on the court by using their experience to direct traffic.

Andrew Utz:
The biggest part of being successful this year is getting a leader for the team.
Since Semaj was drafted, there is now a gap for a new leader to take charge of the team.
Stainbrook is vocal enough on the defensive side, but an offensive presence is needed.
Dee Davis can step up here and make the plays.

40_Matt Stainbrook
Matt Stainbrook returns for a final season.

Nick McGill:
It is essential to play at a high level at all times and not always play to the level of the opponent.

If veteran leaders are able to step up and perform well, others will follow suit. Production from the bench players will be imperative to produce a tournament-caliber team.