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The Xavier Newswire Presents the 2017-2018 Staff

An Easter Break Weekend at Hocking Hills

By: Soondos Mulla-Ossman ~Staff Writer~ “What are the parallels between today’s hike and journey and your spiritual journey?” This was the question written out by our club’s adviser for the Muslim Student Association. That day, we hiked more than eight miles from Old Man’s Cave to Cedar Falls and back in Hocking Hills. I honestly … Continue reading

Crossroads Celebration

By: Gabby Sapata ~Guest Writer~ Typically, my family celebrates Easter by going to Easter Mass then going somewhere nice for brunch. But this year my Easter Sunday was a bit mixed up. Instead of Easter Mass, I was invited to attend an Easter service at Crossroads, a nondenominational Christian church in Cincinnati. I agreed to … Continue reading

Loose Gum

C Dunn 2017 ~Feature~

Appreciating Mass

By: Katie Wagner ~Guest Writer~ During Easter break, I traveled to Northern Illinois to see my family for a much-needed visit. I caught up with family, visited friends and had a little down time. Depending on personal practices, someone else may have gone to Mass or an Easter egg hunt, or it could be just … Continue reading

The news has been cancelled

By: Dice Master General ~Not A Cat~  A recent study put forth by the Backsliding University of Lecherous Litigations and the Subjective Here-say Institute of Technobabble showed that literally no one at all cares about news that is backed up by any sort of research or that is based in fact. These findings are in … Continue reading

Freshman removes lanyard Acknowledged as a person by upperclassmen

By: Kyle Tooley ~Resident Thespian~ After realizing that none of her older friends wore a lanyard around their necks, freshman Jordan Marshall made the unprecedented decision to move to a lanyard-less existence for the first time since arriving at Xavier. “I don’t have a car on campus, and my house keys from back in Cleveland … Continue reading

Jokes and Japes for April Fool’s Day

By: August Dice ~Staff Writer~ Spring has finally arrived. It may be stumbling in late and drunk already, but spring has come. With the warm winds of the season arriving abruptly one fine afternoon, we must now face what we have done to our bodies during the holiday season. As the steady stream of family … Continue reading


By: Lydia Reagan ~Feature Editor~

3D Printing and You

By: August Dice ~Staff Writer~ Xavier University, in order to jump ahead of the curve, is home to a bunch of third dimensional additive manufacturing machines (3D printers). As students, very few of us engage in the process, despite the easy-access that the university provides. 3D printing was not the breakthrough discovery that some had … Continue reading