The “Baking is Back” Page

The planned article for this week fell through. This is my banana bread recipe. It is the most highly reviewed baked good I make.  Ingredients:  3 old bananas (not black, but soft enough that they fall out of the peel a little bit if you pick it up by the stem)  Teaspoon cinnamon  2 teaspoons vanilla  2 eggs  2 sticks salted butter  ½ cup brown sugar  ¾ cup white sugar  2 cups of flour  ¾ teaspoon salt  2 teaspoons baking soda  Optional: oats, chopped nuts, chocolate chips  you will need 2 loaf pans Continue reading The “Baking is Back” Page

Horoscopes 9/20

Aries: You should get a bob. Everyone else is doing it.  Taurus: I think your romances are going to go well this week. At least, I hope so.  Gemini: You might be happier if you actually did things on time. Or, if you started drinking tea with honey in it.  Cancer: The dogs that come to class sometimes are cute, but please stop asking the dog if it remembers you. I highly doubt it.  Leo: You need to listen to less Lord Huron. I just think you should embrace the happy fall vibes, not the seasonal depression vibes.  Virgo: Stop … Continue reading Horoscopes 9/20

Horoscopes 9/13

Aries: You need more linens in your closet. Embrace the coastal grandmother look.  Taurus: Pick a roster member and stick to it. Make up your mind before you ruin lives.  Gemini: Your piercing, icy blue eyes are not enough for you to get away with everything. Be a mature adult.  Cancer: Wanting was enough. For me, it was enough.  Leo: Go to the pier and buy some cotton candy. Maybe it will take your mind off of the impending doom.  Virgo: You are pretty, but you’re no Conrad. Humble yourself. She’s talking to six other guys.  Libra: Be a Laurel … Continue reading Horoscopes 9/13