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Must-Buys at Buc-ee’s convenience stores By Marty Dubecky and Clare McKinley, Digital Communications Manager and Staff Writer You all know Buc-ee’s for its many gas pumps and super clean bathrooms. Now, they have a whole new line of merch that is sure to drive up sales. Tshirts: New merch drop! You can now rep your favorite beaver with merchandise custom designed by Buc-ee himself. Similar to the Xavier men’s basketball team’s new musketeer gear but better. Shoes: Buc-ees now has cool shoes with Buc-ee the Beaver right on the toe. These are super great party shoes or for when you … Continue reading Back Page 11/02/22

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Horoscopes Aries: “You look kinda halloweeny.” – Kim Kardashian  Taurus: “Halloween is the one night a year when girls can look like a total slut, and no other girls can say anything about it.” – Cady Heron, Mean Girls Gemini: “Oh, look! Another glorious morning. Makes me sick.” – Winifred Sanderson, Hocus Pocus  Cancer: “Have a midnight jamboree…” – The Headless Horseman, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow  Leo: “I’m a homicidal maniac. They look just like everyone else.” – Wednesday Addams, The Addams Family  Virgo: “We came. We saw. We kicked its ass.” – Dr. Peter Venkman, Ghostbusters Libra: “Do … Continue reading Back Page 10/26/22

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New Show Starts Off With a Bang? By Will Lopes, Staff Writer Was I the only one who caught the pilot of The Big Bang Theory the other day? I had to rewatch it three times to actually figure out what the show is supposed to be about. From what I gather, it speaks to an audience of people who are generally kind of stupid. It wants the viewer to see, “these people did very well for themselves in school but they’re still so dumb!” There’s no doubt in my mind that my parents are going to love this show. … Continue reading Back Page 10/19/22