Graeter’s comes to University Station

By: Erica Lampert ~Staff Writer~

University Station recently held its grand opening for Graeter’s Ice Cream, which opened its doors on Montgomery Road.

Kathy Graeter, a third-generation member of the Graeter family, attended the opening ceremony to help bring the family atmosphere to the new shop. She and her family were excited to open for Xavier University.

“We are really excited and thrilled to be here,” Graeter said. “There have been so many changes to Xavier so far, and we are so happy to be a part of it.”

Upon opening, community members and students were lined up to taste the ice cream, well-known to the residents of Cincinnati.

The Big Dave show on B105.1 and several other community members loved the atmosphere Graeter’s has brought to University Station and the Xavier community.

“We had heard about Graeter’s while it was in the planning period and couldn’t wait to get out here,” B105.1 radio show host Jason Statt said.

“We wanted the first scoop and we came here and got it,” B105.1 radio show host Big Dave said.
“I like the atmosphere in this Graeter’s,” Statt said. “It’s small and cozy compared to the other larger Graeter’s that are full of tons of people.”

“It was really cool to go to the opening of Graeter’s on Friday. Everyone there was so sweet and eager to make sure the customers were taken care of in a timely manner,” first-year student Colleen Cavanagh said.

Those working at Graeter’s were also excited about the opening and were eager to begin working. “I have always wanted to work at Graeter’s because I love ice cream,” Graeter’s employee Maria Rosario said. “The team members and managers here are so well-organized and friendly, which makes working here even better.”

Graeter’s moved into University Station to become a part of the community atmosphere around Xavier’s campus.

“We had decided to build Graeter’s at University Station because we wanted the presence of a growing college,” Project Coordinator Spencer P. Golden-Sims said.

Golden-Sims graduated in 2014 from Xavier University. When Graeter’s had first proposed its project, Golden-Sims and HGConstruction planned to get started immediately.

“Xavier was a great location for Graeter’s. There are tons of families and tons of young people around the Xavier community,” Golden-Sims said.

This Graeter’s is similar to the location in Over-The-Rhine and will feature its ice cream, gelato, shakes and a small selection of candy.

“We hope to bring a new place for students and the community members to go eat ice cream and hang out,” Manager Dave Raters said. “We also hope that the students of Xavier go back to their homes and tell their families to spread the word about our ice cream.”
Graeter’s will be open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.