“Peter Pan” skillfully marvels

By: Zenab Saeed ~Staff Writer~

The Cincinnati Ballet’s production of “Peter Pan,” which ran from Nov. 7 to 9, sparkled like
pixie dust on the Aronoff Center for the Performing Arts’ stage in downtown Cincinnati. The ballet is based on the classic tale of Peter Pan’s adventures through Neverland along with Wendy, John and Michael Darling.

The production featured music composed by Carmon DeLeone and was choreographed by Septime Webre.

The ballet was performed by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra under DeLeone’s conduction. The show opened with an entertaining scene featuring the Darling family dog, followed by Tinkerbell’s entrance, which was artistically rendered throughout the show with the use of a twinkling spotlight quickly moving across the stage until dancer Melissa Gelfin appeared as the fairy.

Gelfin’s beautiful and graceful dancing throughout the performance was magical and added an element of wonder, especially when accompanied by her fellow fairies upon her arrival in Neverland.

Cervilio Miguel Amador’s performance as Peter Pan was especially brilliant. His energetic dancing amazed throughout the show, especially when he was flying on stage. Amador’s jubilance and technical skill made the show especially engaging and entertaining. Other standout performances included Taylor Carrasco as the Crocodile, who provided comedic interludes throughout the performance, especially when coupled with James Gilmer’s portrayal of Captain Hook. Peter Pan - cballet dot org

Though the dancing throughout the show was spectacular, the ballet’s production value was made even stronger when combined with the vibrant and artistic set design, which was staged by Johnanna Bernstein Wilt along with Jay Depenbrock and Holly Highfill.

The music seamlessly carried the show, fluctuating between energetic and lively to lethargic and graceful to reflect the scene and dancing. Furthermore, the costumes, including Tinkerbell’s beautiful tutu, the Lost Boys’ raggedy attire and even the Crocodile’s costume, were skillfully executed and helped transport the audience to the world of Neverland.

The Cincinnati Ballet’s next major performance will be its beloved rendition of Tchaikovsky’s “The Nutcracker,” which will also feature orchestral music performed by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and will run from Dec. 19 to 27.

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