Jon Stewart to leave ‘Daily Show’

By: Jessica Griggs ~Guest Writer~

After 15 years at the helm of one of America’s favorite satirical news programs, Jon Stewart announced that he will be leaving the “The Daily Show” later this year.

Stewart cited a feeling of restlessness for his leaving the show and said that both the show and the viewers do not deserve “an even slightly restless host.” “The Daily Show” is Comedy Central’s longest- running program followed by South Park, and Stewart stated that it is time for someone else to have the “incredible opportunity” to host.

Since its creation in 1996, “The Daily Show” has won 19 Emmy Awards and two Peabody Awards with 3 million nightly viewers at the peak of its run.

During Stewart’s 15 years on the show, he covered a range of influential topics such as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, multiple presidential elections and countless social controversies. He is also well-known for his biting criticism of cable news.

In a 2009 poll, Stewart was named one of America’s most trusted news sources thanks to his gripping coverage of important issues as well as his acute interviews with prominent social and political figures.

Stewart took a leave of absence from the show in 2013 so that he could direct the film “Rosewater.” Though he did not mention specific plans for his retirement, Stewart said that he has a lot of ideas for post- “Daily Show” life.

“I will have dinner on a school night with my family, who I have heard from multiple sources are lovely people,” Stewart said. Stewart’s departure comes on the heels of Stephen Colbert’s exit from “The Daily Show” spin-off, “The Colbert Report,” to succeed David Letterman on CBS’s “Late Show.” Stewart’s witty humor, rigid criticism and entertaining personality were a staple of the nightly comedy show.