Edgecliff Vocal Ensemble performs in Bach Festival

By: Aiyana Moore ~Staff Writer~

The 2015 Cincinnati Bach Festival is bringing the music of Johann Sebastian Bach to modern Cincinnati. The festival showcases a variety of vocal and instrumental music from Bach in events ocurring all over Cincinnati.

On Tuesday, Christ Church Cathedral welcomed the Xavier Edgecliff Vocal Ensemble (EVE) to join the festival as part of its reoccurring event, Music Live with Lunch. “EVE has participated with Music Live with Lunch almost every year for about the past eight years,” Dr. Tom Merrill, conductor of EVE and chair of the Department of Music and Theatre, said.

The famed German composer for whom the Cincinnati music festival is named
The famed German composer for whom the Cincinnati music festival is named

The festival, which is only in its second year, provided a wonderful reason for EVE members to perform some of Bach’s music. “I am most excited that my students could learn to sing the music of the great masters, because Bach is worth every note,” Merrill said.

Music Live at Lunch is held every Tuesday and welcomes a variety of musical performances. Through March, however, Music Live at Lunch focused mainly on the music of Bach in honor of thefestival.

“EVE performed Bach’s ‘Gottes Zeit ist die allerbeste Zeit (BWV 106),’ a fast moving piece for choir with various solos and small ensemble snippets,” Stephanie Ambrose, an EVE member, said over email.

The piece has contrasting sections which, according to Laura Debrunner, another EVE member, add to the overall experience. “The thing I love most about the Cantata is how Bach uses text painting in the piece,” Debrunner said. “One section of the piece talks about the coming of Jesus and is juxtaposed with text that is more grim. It creates a great effect.”

The Cincinnati Bach Festival will continue through Saturday, March 28. Concert tickets for students are $25. Music Live at Lunch will continue through May at 12:10 p.m. each Tuesday in downtown Cincinnati. Entry is free though lunch is available for purchase in the cathedral for $5.