O’Connor closes pool for repairs

By: Justin Worthing ~Staff Writer~

O’Connor Sports Center management recently announced its plan to close its swimming pool on March 30 for eight weeks to conduct repairs.

The repairs will specifically address problems in the pool’s roof. According to Robert Sheeran, vice president for facilities, workers will “clean and repaint the rusted areas of the steel roof structure over the area of the pool. This will necessitate removal and replacement of the acoustic ceiling.”

A faculty assessment from a few years ago identified the need for repairs. Faculty then decided during the fall 2014 semester to conduct repairs during the spring and summer of 2015.
This process will not only involve repairing individual rusted segments but also replacing the entire roof.

Although the pool is currently predicted to close for eight weeks, a more accurate timeline will be created when the project begins. Currently, the design work for the roof is complete, and the project is out to bid.

According to Leslie Dulle, associate director of the O’Connor Sports Center, repairs are occurring after the swim team’s Big East season has concluded.

“The Division 1 swim team, as well as our club teams, were notified of the closing and understood the necessity to do so,” Dulle said in an e-mail. “Brent MacDonald will be taking care of the swim team needs … The club teams may reach out to other pools as well.”
In addition to being the XU swim team’s home pool, the six-lane pool is also used recreationally by Xavier students, faculty and staff, as well as other O’Connor Sports Center members.

O’Connor offers lap swimming and classes like Water Aerobics and the Master Swim Programs.
Currently, the pool is open during normal O’Connor hours except when it is used by the swim team. The pool closes 15 minutes before O’Connor closes.

O’Connor offers a rental policy for the pool to outside groups, although the policy will be unavailable while the pool undergoes repairs.

For more information about the pool or O’Connor Sports Center, visit xavier.edu/recreational-sports/oconnor-sports-center/.