News in Brief

By: Jessica Griggs ~Campus News Editor~

St. Louis Marathon winner disqualified for cheating

The original winner of this year’s St. Louis Marathon, Kendall Schler, has been disqualified after officials discovered she cheated and did not run the full 26.2 miles of the race held on April 12. Officials have determined that Schler slipped onto the course at the last checkpoint in order to cross the finish line first. Both her title and her place in the Boston Marathon were revoked, and the title was given to Andrea Karl, the rightful winner.

Indiana continues to see rise in HIV cases

An Indiana county is still seeing a rise in HIV cases two weeks after the implementation of an emergency needle exchange program. An increase from last week’s count of 106, there are now 120 confirmed cases. Most of the cases involve intravenous drug usage, and the needle exchange program aims to supply users with clean syringes to help stop the spread of the virus.

Japanese maglev train sets world record

A Japanese maglev train set a new world record when it reached a speed of 603 kph (374 mph) on a test track in Yamanashi on April 21. The previous record was set Thursday at 590 kph (366 mph) by the same Japan Railway train. In comparison, the fastest train in the United States can only reach a speed of 241 kph (150 mph).

Walmart closes stores, leaves thousands without jobs

Because of severe plumbing problems, Walmart closed five stores unexpectedly last week, putting 2,200 employees out of work. However, Organization United for Respect (OUR) Walmart representatives claim that the closings were actually a means to punish workers for protesting for higher pay. The stores in question are expected to be closed for repairs for about six months.