O’Connor switches to mtvU

By: Max Bruns ~Staff Writer~

Photo courtesy of joeandbox.com | The O’Connor Sports Center will now tune each television to the mtvU channel instead of showing numerous sports programs and TV shows.

The O’Connor Sports Center has a new development for the entertainment aspect of working out. The televisions running during hours of operation will now exclusively be playing mtvU instead of various sports shows and other programs that were previously played on the televisions. The decision was made by Recreational Sports, according to Leslie Dulle, senior associate director of Recreational Sports.

“The idea [of playing mtvU] was to have a uniform look, sound and programming throughout the facility,” Dulle said. The programming on mtvU is designed for the university student, and according to its mission, “It is seen on over 750 campuses, reaching more than eight million students. MtvU is the largest, most comprehensive television network crafted exclusively for the college audience.”

“XU TV broadcasts on channel 14 and the filler hours when we are not broadcasting are filled by mtvU,” Pota said. “However, we [XU TV] did not contact O’Connor about the decision to play the channel.” XU TV has a deal with Hoff Dining Commons to play the XU TV channel on Fridays, but because of the new initiative by the sports center they also have playing time on the TVs in O’Connor.

“I’m appreciative of the exposure for our club, but the sports center and my club do not have an existing deal,” Pota said. Programming like Pota’s is a feature of the shows commonly broadcasted on mtvU. “Programming on mtvU showcases the most positive aspects of college life, with music from emerging artists, news, lifestyle features, pro-social initiatives and local announcements. mtvU often brings the excitement right to students with hundreds of on-campus events each year,” mtvU’s description says.

“I miss the sports programming. The gym doesn’t have the same feel to it,” sophomore Phil Fama said. Some upperclassmen have had similar attitudes toward the change, but many, like Jude Krauss, are glad that the programming is bringing a new atmosphere to the gym. “The station plays good workout music and it has a poporiented feel, which is good for exercise,” Krauss said. Regardless, mtvU is here to stay and many students will see the impact of the decision all year.