2nd Annual Improv Festival returns to Cincinnati

By: Megan Lux ~Staff Writer~

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Photo courtesy of flickr.com      The know Theatre’s house troupe, OTRimprov, performs at an Improv Festival preview on June 1 at the Fringe Festival at Woodward Theatre in Over-the-Rhine.

This year the second annual Improv Festival of Cincinnat (IF Cincinnati) will be held at the Know Theatre. Know Theatre is a non-profit theater located in Cincinnati’s historic Over-the-Rhine neighborhood. Know Theatre is known as an artistic playground where artists and audiences can come together to produce and experience work that could not be done anywhere else.

Improv comedy is a live form of theater where the game, characters and plot are made up right in the moment. It often engages the audience and makes them feel like part of the show. For those who are interested in performing improv comedy and want to sharpen their skills, IF Cincinnati will hold workshops on Sept. 12 and 13. These workshops will be held earlier in the afternoon before the evening shows and are led by experienced improviser.

If performing improv is not your calling and you just want to laugh and have a good time, have no fear. IF Cincinnati features performers from all across the country. One group, known as IMPROVable, hails all the way from Los Angeles. There are local entertainers, as well, such as Cincinnati’s very own OTRimprov. Thursday, Sep. 10 is Local’s Night and Xavier’s troupe, Toolbox, will be taking the stage. Toolbox will not be the only troupe from a local university.

Northern Kentucky University’s improv troupe Ain’t No Mango will be performing as well. If you are too busy to make it to the festival Thursday night, make sure to check out one of the shows this weekend. Both Friday and Saturday night have two shows. The first show begins at 7 p.m. and the second show begins at 9 p.m. both nights. These shows will feature performers such as Dudesical from Indianapolis and Manbaby from Chicago, along with many more troupes. For more information regarding IF Cincinnati and the troupes performing this weekend, head over to their website if.cincy.com. There you will be able to purchase tickets for shows or reserve your spot for a workshop. Ticket prices may vary.