Color up for Glow Run

By: Taylor Roberts ~Staff Writer~

logo - glow run
Photo courtesy of Thomas Kozlovich Be sure to also sign up for the Nearly Naked mile (TBA)

Xavier University Dance Marathon (XUDM) will host the first annual Glow Run at 9:00 p.m. Friday Sep. 11 on the Xavier Yard. Each year the student philanthropy group creates events for students to get involved and raise money for Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

“XUDM decided to do a glow run for many reasons. Color runs have been done, but no one has ever had a race at night with over 40 gallons of UV activated paint, a live DJ and free food. We thought that this combination would help draw the Xavier community together for a great cause,” junior Thomas Kozlovich, president of XUDM said.

Money raised at the race will be donated to Children’s Charitable Care Fund. This fund pays directly for the care of families that cannot afford the cost of care at Children’s Hospital. “In addition to helping Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, students will be given a free T-shirt, free food from Top This Donut Bar … as well as The Pub in Rookwood and live music,” Kozlovich said.

This event will also include a short ceremony prior to the race in memory of 9/11 with the help of Xavier’s ROTC program. “For the kids” is intended not just a slogan that echoes XUDM’s purpose, but a message that inspires students to fundraise all year long. At the end of the year, these students come together to celebrate their success at the Dance Marathon, a six-hour event that includes visits from the people they have helped at Cincinnati Children’s.

Kozlovich leads XUDM and fundraises all year long to pay it forward to families not quite as lucky as his own. “XUDM has been a huge part of my life for many reasons. One being that I have a brother with special needs who received care from a Children’s Miracle Network hospital. Fortunately my family had the means to pay for his medical care. However, I know far too well that many families don’t have that luxury,” Kozlovich said.

Registration for the race is $20. Students can sign up at http://