Caleb-Quigley-Kiana releases SGA executive campaign platform

Kiana Salazar, Caleb Mickler and Michael Quigley are running for SGA administrative vice president, president, and legislative vice president, respectively.
Kiana Salazar, Caleb Mickler and Michael Quigley are running for SGA administrative vice president, president, and legislative vice president, respectively.

This year’s Student Government Association (SGA) executive election will take place this week, starting at 8 a.m. Oct. 21 and ending at 4 p.m. Oct. 22.

All students can vote online at during the specified voting time.

This is the first year that SGA executive elections have been held in the fall instead of the spring semester. Executive terms will now be organized by calendar year instead of academic year.

There is one ticket running for office, consisting of presidential candidate Caleb Mickler, legislative vice presidential candidate Michael Quigley and administrative vice presidential candidate Kiana Salazar. In order to take office, this ticket must receive more than 50 percent of votes cast.

SGA executives perform many roles, including determining the funding of all campus clubs and organizations, in conjunction with SGA Senate.

Caleb-Quigley-Kiana (CQK), as the ticket calls itself, advocates transparency within SGA and engagement with the communities surrounding Xavier. Its official platform has not been made available until now, but it published its mission statement and a summary of its main goals on its Facebook page. The candidates said they want students to know that their platform is fluid and can change to reflect students’ wishes and concerns.

CQK’s full platform can be found below. The Newswire, in a co-sponsorship with the Board of Elections, will host a panel discussion with the candidates at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 19 in Hoff Dining Commons. All students are welcome, regardless of meal plan status. Students may ask the candidates questions during the event.

Editor’s note: The following is published as we received it, with no edits.


“CalebQuigleyKiana, A ticket dedicated to serve students and the community, finding solutions to students needs and bettering the college experience for all. The core of CQK platform is transparency, Jesuit identity and community engagement. Transparency in SGA is simply put, we want students to know what is happening with their money. In that aspect we need to hear their input, and if projects intended are actually something pertinent to them. We as a ticket dedicate ourselves to student needs. So this pertains but is not limited to night shuttles, eateries, additional space (outdoor & indoor) and Canvas.

The Jesuit identity portion of our platform concerns that we want students to get more out of their undergraduate experience here at Xavier and to have Jesuit core values resonate across campus both individually and collectively. We are optimistic to have more volunteering in the community, as well as more neighborhood clean ups in place of monetary fines. We also want to invite the various surrounding communities to Xavier. For throughout the surrounding areas, Xavier has not the greatest connotation to those respected community members. We want to change that during our hopeful term while in office.  As a Jesuit institution, we are deeply rooted toward solidarity and kinship. We as a ticket are focused to re-align the Xavier student to better understand and respect the Jesuit tradition. This starts by implementing smaller increments of change – for example inviting the communities to potential events. Say for instance, since we are currently in fall maybe throw a Haunted House event — inviting the local area academies and bringing families in an attempt to start building community with the surrounding neighborhoods. The neXt generation within the Norwood/Avondale/Evanston region will be the variable for change. Through these small increments of changes we could thus begin larger means of change, for instance widening X-change with more groups in these neighborhoods. With these changes we firmly are certain this can lead to greater outcomes of success.

Last but not least, we want to emphasize community engagement amongst SGA and the student body. As an organization, we want to catalyze SGA presence and involvement in the day to day life of the Xavier experience. We can begin by being more present by tabling and surveying student needs and concerns. However this change will only become effective if SGA as a whole become more engaged in campus clubs and organizations. We hope to increase the roles of SGA committees and senators by mandating senators to frequently sit in with these clubs and organizations to better understand their needs and concerns.”

  1. More student involvement with SGA
    1. Have a meeting in a large public setting
    2. Encourage more students to attend meetings
    3. Host a convocation for senate
    4. Encourage senators to attend club meetings
  2. More transparency
    1. Better communication with the Newswire
    2. Publicize the rollover and where it comes from
    3. Answer common student issues (parking, caf hours/choices, clc hours, eateries, O’Connor, outdoor/indoor space, Res Life, Greek Life, printing)
      1. Include WHAT we have tried to do & WHY we can’t do anything about it
      2. Include resources for students who would like to try anyway
    4. More community engagement
      1. Sanctions – volunteering in the community (neighborhood clean up)
      2. Inviting the community in (eg. haunted house, Easter egg hunt)
    5. Scholarship inflation
      1. The best method?
    6. Graduation Incentive
      1. Brick engraving
      1. Chadwick