Advice from the editor Folks, pure joy comes when you just stop caring

By: Jonathan Hogue ~Opinions & Editorials Editor

My fellow Musketeers, yesterday I signed up for my final semester of classes at Xavier. It occurred to me that I do not have a lot of time left to share some of my wisdom with those around me. So with the time I still have to make a difference, I am going to.

My challenge to you: Just stop caring. As a senior, my list of worries dwindles the closer I get to graduation. This sounds crazy to some people, but I have three reasons for why this happens.

First, no one can plan the future. Students spend too much time micromanaging the future and forget to be a part of the present. Yes, it is important to worry about employment, housing and personal development, but do not skip out on the opportunities you have now to make yourself into a better person.

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Jonathan S. Hogue is the Opinions & Editorials Editor at the Newswire. He is a senior Philosophy, Politics and the Public major from Aurora, Ill.

Second, I am not a dummy and neither are you. I’m not trying to be mean, but you will encounter some idiots that will probably make you say, “How did you get this far in life?” Congress is a great example of that. My friends, you are intelligent people.

Remember, if you had the mental fortitude to get into a university, then you will find success in future ventures. Just let the details naturally come about.

Last, we are naïve. The reason why successes may not have come is that we are not ready for them. I am a firm believer in the phrase, “Success comes to those who wait.” Be patient, have a drink or two and let your path reveal itself.

If you disagree with me and want to express an opinion of your own, please submit one. If you read this and said, “Wow! Jonathan has some dynamite advice on life. I want to hear more!” Well, I think that’s swell to hear. Message the Newswire and tell us what advice you think your peers should read in a future edition.

Until next time, keep not caring and prosper.

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