Advice: You should ‘Let it go’

By: Maxwell Bruns ~Staff Writer~

During the school year, there are mornings when I do not feel a sense of today. I feel a foreboding for tomorrow and an anxiety for the events of yesterday, but today is completely forgotten among those other worries. I wake up immediately flooded with the anxious feeling that I didn’t finish my work the night before.

I have to catch up on yesterday’s tasks, which only results in an existential anxiety that I will never be completely caught up and that I will always be failing in at least one responsibility because of this game of barely staying above water.

On top of all of this, there are interpersonal relationships which I’m failing in: Friends I haven’t caught up with in a while, family that I haven’t talked to since school started, teachers who simply won’t accept one more class absence.

Maxwell Bruns is a staff writer at the Newswire. He is a sophomore Honors Bachelor of Arts major from Cincinnati.

This has become a snowball of a problem, as you can see.

I do not pretend to believe that this is a feeling reserved exclusively for me. If you are reading this and one or more of these statements has spoken to you, you are a part of the everyone.

So if this is true, if I’m not alone and the struggle is “too real” because you “can’t even” right now, then listen to this brilliant solution I think we should immediately embrace: Let it go.

Take a page out of Frozen’s book. Now, I’m not telling you to shirk all your responsibilities. I’m not telling you to hide in your room and never come out, but realize that even if you feel this way, there will always be a now.

You may find that this is hard to do. Absolute avoidance is unrealistic because you are too mentally spent thinking about problems to fathom forgetting them for just a second. Remember this: You are here. Cherish the present so that every other moment in your life is precious.