Advice: Just drive,Cincinnati

By: Jonathan S. Hogue ~Opinions & Editorials Editor

This column is part advice, part rant.

I’ve been living in this city for three-and-a-half years now. There is a lot about Cincinnati I don’t agree with like taxation, debates on public transportation or deciding which chili is better in town. These debates I can stomach and get over. However, I can’t tolerate the way people in this city drive.

During what could have been my last drive from Chicago to Cincinnati as an undergrad student, I got a bit sappy. I thought about all of the holidays I traveled home to family, the excitement of seeing friends and being greeted by the “Welcome to Ohio” sign that signals my return to Xavier. That sappy feeling was gone as soon as I encountered Cincinnatians on the road.

The motorist ahead of me on the merging ramp, like many Cincinnatians, braked for no reason. This occurs on highways, side streets and even in parked spaces. People in this town brake at the most useless times.

Jonathan S. Hogue is the Opinions & Editorials Editor at the Newswire. He is a senior Philosophy, Politics and the Public major from Aurora, Ill.

Also, in most cities, traffic occurs when there is an accident or bad weather. Cincinnati drivers are the only people I know that have a backup on the highway for 10 miles and suddenly traffic flows again. There doesn’t need to be an accident or even an animal crossing the road. People use their brakes apparently because the pedal is there for fun.

Finally, Cincinnati’s roads are not a part of the set of “Driving Miss Daisy.” If the sign says “65 mph,” then drive it. Don’t get in the left lane if you want to play Morgan Freeman, that lane is designed for people who understand what a gas pedal is.

To give a little advice, please remember these three things, Cincinnati drivers: use the gas, turn signals and just drive.

Your car was designed to move, so use the gas pedal and stop excessive braking. It ruins your brake pads and annoys everyone around you. Secondly, turn signals help for instances like merging onto a freeway. If you randomly brake on a stretch of highway designed for acceleration, you should have your license revoked. Lastly, stop allowing unnecessary traffic and drive. Stop looking at the birds in the sky and focus on the road.

If you do this, maybe I’ll stop thinking this town is full of god-awful motorists. Be safe and drive normally, Cincinnati.