‘Deadpool’ brings laughs to theaters

By: Aiyana Moore ~Staff Writer~

Photo courtesy of foxmovies.com | Deadpool’s talkative nature and tendency to break the fourth wall is used by writers to create humorous effect.

Valentine’s Day is a time for love and romance, meaning romcoms, Nicholas Sparks movies and Fox’s “Deadpool.”

Alright, so one of those is not like the others. Nonetheless, “Deadpool”rocked the box office during opening weekend, beating out the more stereotypical Valentine’s Day films.

The astounding numbers that came from opening weekend were not just a result of “Deadpool” readers waiting several years for the film.

Some fans worried that the buildup may lead to unrealistic expectations, but the movie succeeded all on its own.

Despite Ryan Reynolds’ disappointing run as the Green Lantern, the actor seems to have finally found his superhero niche as “Deadpool.”

“Deadpool” tells the tale of Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds), a mercenary with a smart mouth and dark sense of humor. After being diagnosed with terminal cancer, Wilson turns to medical experimentation that unlocks his mutant genes and leaves him disfigured with accelerated healing power.

Fortunately for viewers, Wilson’s unfortunate circumstances do not rid him of his sense of humor. Despite his newly acquired alter ego, Deadpool provides a healthy dose of laughter through his many inappropriate jokes.

For comic book purists, “Deadpool” might be a slight letdown as it doesn’t exactly follow the comic books. For anyone else, it’s a hilariously enjoyable way to spend 108 minutes.

Although Deadpool’s mutant abilities make him nearly impossible to kill, the anti-hero barely survived his appearance in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine.” Not to worry, though. The anti-hero’s solo movie remedied the mistakes of the past and restored Deadpool to his proper place in the hearts of fans everywhere.

Unfortunately, “Deadpool” served mainly as an origin film. As such, the present story was lacking, but the flashbacks were fully formed and well thought out.

To make up for the present-day story, “Deadpool” writers threw in even more jokes and violence. It suited the character, but a more in-depth story would have polished the film.

If you’re hoping for a family-friendly superhero movie, look elsewhere. Where most Marvel movies fall into the PG-13 range, “Deadpool” fits well into the R category.

With graphic violence, sexual humor and content, this particular superhero movie is not appropriate for younger audiences.