Kylie Jenner is more than just a reality star

By: Katrina Gross ~Staff Writer~

Photo courtesy of | Kylie Jenner often refers to herself as ‘King Kylie,’ hence the crown in this Oct. 2015 photoshoot with Sasha Samsonova.

Kardashian and Jenner are both names that tend to trigger a gut reaction in whoever hears them.

There are many critics of the Kardashian-Jenner clan that claim they do not deserve their fame or fortune nor do they have any real talent. Such criticisms can be difficult for even the most tough-skinned of adults to handle. With all of the criticism, it’s amazing that the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Kylie, who was an infantile nine-yearold when “Keeping up With The Kardashians” first aired in 2007, has become an extremely successful entrepreneur, model, author, awards show host, fashion designer and homeowner.

Despite being 18 years old, Kylie already has a following of about 52 million worldwide (51.4 million Instagram followers) which has allowed her to become involved in a number of successful solo business ventures. Kylie’s first venture was her partnership with brand Bellami Hair, where she created Kylie Hair Kouture hair extension clip-ins. She has also partnered with PacSun, Madden Girl and TopShop to create clothing lines, written a sci-fi novel and, most recently, made her entrance into the cosmetics world with her Kylie Lip Kits. The special six Valentine’s Day colors sold out in an impressive 10 minutes.)

Kylie also recently announced that she would be manufacturing three nail polish lines in the upcoming months. She has made enough off her business ventures to purchase two luxury vehicles, which she then customized, and a mansion worth an estimated $2.7 million that has an in-ground pool, library, home theatre, courtyard and five bedrooms for when her friends stay over. Remember, she is only eighteen.

That being said, the most impressive thing about Kylie Jenner is the way that she handles herself. There are plenty of examples of young stars and starlets who get into less-than-admirable hijinks because of the fame, money, and more importantly, lack of supervision associated with being a young star.

However, Kylie, and sister Kendall included, have managed to completely stay out of trouble in regards to partying, boys and any sort of things one would normally associate with a teenage girl. The worst thing Kylie has done is date 26-year-old rapper, Tyga, and inadvertently inspire an online challenge, the #KylieJennerLipChallenge.

But Kylie has done a number of charitable acts as well, including donating multiple times to the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and volunteering with Tyga at a homeless shelter to feed the hungry.

Whether or not you agree that Kylie is deserving of her fame, it is very easy to see that she is at least trying to do more with her life than be a “reality star.”

Kylie’s involvement in her plethora of business ventures and ability to stay out of trouble in the spotlight despite her impressive media presence worldwide, makes her one of the most admirable eighteen-year-old girls I know.