News in Brief

By: Jessica Griggs ~Campus News Editor~

Two teens charged with rape in Arkansas

Two 14-year-old boys are in custody after a 16-year-old girl accused them of forcing her into the girls’ locker room of an Arkansas high school and raping her. The boys are being charged with rape, but it is unclear whether they will be tried as adults or not. The superintendent of the school declined to release any information, including whether or not the boys had been expelled, but did confirm that the police were notified immediately following the incident.

Super Tuesday results will foreshadow nominations

Super Tuesday’s results have the potential to change the 2016 election. For the Republicans, Trump goes into the race with a lead in a majority of contests. Cruz and Rubio have to remain competitive in a majority of delegate-rich states if they wish to stop Trump’s momentum. For Democrats, Hillary Clinton goes into Super Tuesday with a lead in a majority of states. Sanders holds a lead in his home state of Vermont and is competitive in Oklahoma and Colorado. Both states are necessary for Sanders if he wants to remain competitive with Clinton.

Alleged Ohio shooter denies charges

The 14-year-old accused of firing a gun inside an Ohio school cafeteria has denied the charges against him. The shooting occured at Madison Junior-Senior High School in Middletown, Ohio. Two students were shot, and two more were injured as a result of the panic, though all four are expected to recover. James Austin Hancock, the alleged shooter, is charged with two counts of attempted murder, two counts of felonious assault, inducing panic and making terrorist threats.