Thrills in store for Bengals season

By: Brendan Burris ~Staff Writer~

Photo courtesy of | Bengals fans can expect an interesting season with interesting matchups against teams like the New England Patriots.

As the fall semester kicks off, NFL football looms right around the corner, a season Bengals fans in Cincinnati anticipate each year.

There are obviously important inter-division games against the likes of the Ravens, Browns and Steelers, but let’s look at the other games on the Bengals’ schedule this year that could prove to be just as, if not more, important.

Week One: Bengals vs. Jets

Week 1 is obviously an important step. Teams are now through the preseason and are gauging how the team is faring and who is best suited to play where.

This is a particularly interesting matchup for both teams because it would not be overly surprising to see these two face off again in the postseason.

Just one game off a playoff berth last season, the Jets return a stable offense and one of the league’s top five defenses.

Getting the season off to a good start is key for the Bengals, and they will attempt to do so on the road against the Jets.

Week Three: Bengals vs. Broncos

Cincinnati gets to host the reigning Super Bowl champions, who will have a little bit of a different look on the offensive side of the ball without Peyton Manning. However, the Broncos still have the best defense in the NFL.

With a rivalry game against the Steelers sandwiched between these the first two games, the Bengals are in for a tough start to the season. They will have to get off to a hot start to keep themselves in the upper tier of potential AFC playoff teams.

Week Six: Bengals vs. Patriots

A game against the Patriots is never easy, and a game against the Patriots in Foxoborough is even more difficult.

Not to mention that Week 6 will be the second game of Tom Brady’s season after serving his four-game “DeflateGate” suspension, so expect him to come out with a giant chip on his shoulder and attempt to show up everybody that gets in his way.

This is arguably the hardest game of the season.

Bonus: Week Eight vs. Washington

The Bengals travel to London this year to play the Redskins, an international event that is always a show. And, AJ Green vs. Josh Norman, which speaks for itself.