RSA hosts bingo night for residents

By: Max Bruns ~Staff Writer~

Photo courtesy of | Res-life hosted a bingo night as part of the many student activities offered.

Resident Student Association (RSA) hosted a night of bingo, Buffalo Wild Wings and pizza. The atmosphere was alive last Friday in the O’Connor gym, as students came together to celebrate the beginning of the holiday season, have some fun and take advantage of free food.

The event was open to all students, but was designed primarily for those in on campus housing.

Morgan Brown, first-year Husman Hall Council president, attended the event with fellow council members.

“We all just helped when and where we could. Whether it was keeping the lines under control or handing out the food, we all worked together to make the event run well so that everyone could have a good time,” Brown said.

The bingo doors opened at 6:30 p.m. and the event itself lasted from 7-9 p.m.

“It was crazy how many people were there. The line started forming at 5:30 p.m,” said Brown.

Crowd appeal was generated by the event’s primary game activity, bingo, as well as the social atmosphere.

“There were tons of prizes. Everything from Crocs, a gas gift card, a Keurig, a TV and even an Apple Watch,” Brown said.

Bingo was played in the fourcorner method, as well as regular, diamond, all around the board and a “create an X” version.

The host of the event, RSA, exists as an entity connected to Residence Life and often provides entertaining and fun events for students across campus.

“We are an organization whose primary focus is to provide programs for residents. We aim to make ResLife (Residence Life) at Xavier the best it can be,” Brown said.

Aside from the bingo prizes, laughs and entertainment, the participants got to take home some free food left over from the event. Brown said.

The food was a courtesy of the event, so anything left over was given to the students.

Residence Life and RSA encourage all students to participate in their initiatives. They offer a diverse calendar of events, which can be found at