Students create productivity app

By: Azl Saeed ~Staff Writer~

Peep is an app co-founded by Xavier seniors Luke Klepec and Spencer Pupp. The app is currently in development and specifically designed for college students. The goal of the app, according to the app’s website, is to help college students find a balance between school, health, work and a social life.

Klepec stated that the idea to create the app came from his own experience with distractions and inability to focus during study sessions.

“It all started one late night in which I had a 10-page paper due the next morning. I couldn’t focus. I couldn’t get myself to crack down on this assignment and just get it finished,” Klepec said. “I received a text from somebody, and I quickly picked up my phone and responded to that text. Once I responded to this text, I clicked the home button on my phone and tapped on Facebook.

“I scrolled through the feed for 15 minutes, then I went to Instagram, and did the same thing. Then Snapchat, then Twitter. It is that exact problem that I know several college students have, and it is that exact problem that Peep is designed to fix.”

Once the app debuts, it will allow students to create an account in order to begin maximizing their productivity while studying. When the app is enabled, it will be able to detect exactly how much time the user is spending on other apps. The user can set different amounts of time that they plan to spend on other apps, and Peep will tell the user when that time is up.

Once the study session is complete, Peep can report how productive the student was based on how much time they spent on other apps. The app will also allow students working on the same subject or assignment to connect in order to enrich the collaborative learning process.

The logo of the app is a turtle, symbolizing a student isolating themselves from distractions, just as a turtle isolates itself from the world in its shell.

The name of the app itself builds on the idea that once a student has successfully completed a study session, the student can “peep” back out in to the world.

To learn more about the app and stay updated about its debut, visit its website at http://www.thestudyapp. co.