Stainbrook makes decision to drive down different lane

By: James Andrews ~Doctor~

Photo courtesy of | Tim Stainbrook (left) has an endless amount of potential when it comes to driving, learning along the way from his brother Matt (right).

After a basketball career that saw him go from walk-on to scholarship player, senior Tim Stainbrook is following in his brother’s footsteps to carry on the other family business.

Stainbrook is joining the Uber team, looking to make a bit of money before graduation in May. While this may be a temporary career move for Stainbrook, the skills and qualifications are definitely there.

Rated as a five-star driver out of Lakewood St. Edwards High School, driving is something that has always come naturally to the former basketball player. After seeing what driving Uber did for his older brother Matt, the transition from the court to the car seemed like a no-brainer.

“Driving has always been a release for me,” Stainbrook said. “Basketball is a technical game whereas driving is free and easy. Punch in the address and go.”

Similar to basketball players’ making the jump from the college game to professional leagues, getting paid for your driving comes with added attention, stress and responsibilities. Your car must be clean, ready for action and full of bottles of water for those sweltering weekends in Norwood.

Stainbrook will receive some help from sponsors. However, Buick has given him a contract to be the official car of his Uber career. Having proudly driven a Buick for the entirety of his college life, the partnership was a match made in heaven.

“Tim is a guy that has represented the company well across his time in a Buick,” Dan Akerson, the CEO of Buick, said in a press release. “His spotless driving record and commitment to the brand is something that this company can get behind. We are excited for this deal.”

The question that Uber patrons are wondering about is how well Stainbrook’s ability to drive himself can translate to Uber. Stainbrook’s strong communication skills and instincts on the floor bode well for the young commuter, but question marks always loom around new Uber drivers.

Uber rides offer a different experience each time you step foot in the car, making the environment challenging from time to time.

“It’s a challenge, man,” Jeff Johnson, a local Uber driver, told this reporter in an Uber ride on Friday night. “Kids are crazy. It isn’t all roses like the media may make it seem. I had a 19-year-old throw up on my seat last weekend. Crazy stuff.”

Stainbrook’s debut behind the wheel will take place this Saturday in Norwood. College kids trying to get to Over-The- Rhine will be intently watching the rookie.