News in brief

By: Hannah Paige Michels ~Campus News Editor~

Trump’s sanctuary city executive order blocked

On Tuesday, federal judge William H. Orrick blocked the Trump administration from enforcing its executive order to take federal funding away from sanctuary cities. Orrick sided with Santa Clara County, which argued that removing these funds from cities that don’t comply with some federal immigration rules could be unconstitutional. Orrick did not rule Trump’s policy as unconstitutional, but he did find that it could cause counties and cities “immediate irreparable harm.”

Thai man kills infant daughter on Facebook Live

A 21-year-old man hanged his infant daughter and then himself in a deserted hotel in Phuket, Thailand on Monday. The content has since been removed, and Facebook has sent its condolences to the family for the graphic incident. Facebook has promised to review its processes after footage from a murder in the U.S. stayed online for hours earlier this month.

Neither Mexico nor U.S. will pay for wall…for now

Funding for Trump’s infamous border wall is not included in a budget bill that must pass by Friday. Democrats have long threatened to block the bill if money was allocated for the wall., which could lead to a government shutdown. Trump insists the wall will still eventually be built.