McGrath gives advice on relaxing

Photo courtesy of Xavier University | McGrath’s doctors recommend scheduling time to meditate and also trying yoga or zumba for getting active.

Stress and anxiety are inevitable aspects of life for all people, but these feelings do not have to consume students at Xavier. There are many ways for students to reduce stress on campus.

Dr. Tim Barron, director of counseling at McGrath Health and Wellness Center was able to share his advice for student wellness. To keep the physical body healthy, Barron says to maintain a healthy diet and to get enough sleep at night.

As for emotional wellness, Barron says, “Students should keep in perspective the rhythm of the semester and that not every week will be as stressful. You will feel out of balance, but it is temporary and the stress of your courses will come in waves. There will be ups and downs.”

Barron also mentioned the importance of setting time out of the day to meditate and detach from technology, which relieves stress. Barron leads a group at the McGrath Health and Wellness Center called “Jitters” where students can have group cognitive behavioral therapy to reduce anxiety.

Wellness yoga is also available from 3-4 p.m. on Friday afternoons at O’Connor in the second floor studio, and Zumba classes can be a fun way to relieve stress after a long day of studying.

Wellness Week is coming to Xavier on Sept. 25. Angie Kneflin, the care management coordinator and the dean of students, gave an inside look into what students can look forward to for Wellness Week.

On the first day, “Movies for Mental Health” will let students participate in a facilitated conversation about anxiety, depression and suicide.

The conversations will revolve around short films made by other college students from around the country that participated in a contest to make a film about mental health. The contest was supported by the organization Art with Impact.

This event will take place in the Gallagher Theater on Monday, Sept. 25 from 7-9 p.m. with a panel of students and professional counselors.

The following Tuesday there will be an event for masculinity and mental health with a panel discussion located in Kennedy Auditorium.

The author Kate Fagan will be on campus next Wednesday to give a talk about her book called What Made Maddie Run, which is based on the true story of a victim of suicide. Fagan will be speaking about mental health in Gallagher Student Center at 8 p.m.
Another event will be led by XSASA, (Xavier Students Against Sexual Assault) to connect sexual assault to wellness and suicide prevention.

If any Xavier student or member of the Xavier community needs to talk to someone about anxiety or depression, there are professional counselors eager to help at the McGrath Health and Wellness Center.

By: Bevin Freeman ~Guest Writer~