What Happened proves authentic

Photo courtesy of Slate.com | Clinton adds her new memoir that accounts for the events surrounding and following the election to her collection of now seven published works.

Hillary Rodham Clinton, First Lady, senator, Secretary of State and the woman who earned more votes in a general election for President of the United States than any White man in history is making headlines yet again. In her most recent book, What Happened, appropriately titled, Clinton addresses what happened to her, her campaign, and more broadly, America on Nov. 8, 2016.

The book is raw and full of personal anecdotes. It truly humanizes Clinton, something critics often claim she struggles to convey. She shares what life was like on the campaign trail, traveling from state to state in the primaries and the general election. A personal favorite story she tells includes her stop at a Chipotle in Cleveland on the way to Iowa for the first primary. She was delighted when no one seemed to recognize her in the restaurant. Being able to live her life as a private citizen is largely a thing of the past for someone of such high profile.

Another favorite story of mine is what she shares about her close friendship with George W. Bush. Clinton writes that she and her husband, Bill, caught up with the former president and his wife, Laura, at the Inauguration and chatted about their children, grandchildren and their lives since the election. She writes they even made plans to have dinner together.

Along with all this, the paramount story she shares in the book is one where she expresses the great joy of what it felt like to be the first woman to accept a major party nomination and the despair that followed after losing the general election to Donald Trump due to a faulty electoral system. In this book, Clinton is truly captivating. She offers never-before-shared insights on her life and the 2016 campaign. Hillary Clinton nothing but authentic in her new book, What Happened.

By: Trey Espinosa ~Guest Writer~