Coolest inventions from the Dark side

Photos courtesy of | There’s a whole universe of cool memorabilia to explore.

Lightsaber Chopsticks

With these lightsaber chopsticks, you can finally play with your food in a way that no parent can get mad. They’re nine inches long and based on Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber from the prequels. Sound effects are not included and must be made by the user.

Wookie Cookies Cookbooks

From the titular treats to Darth Maul milkshakes to Han-burgers, this cookbook series has it all. Put on your aprons, fire up the oven and prepare for the feasts to come. Invite your friends over for a movie watching party, and you’re set.

Darth Vader Toaster

Do you need a toaster? Why not buy one in the shape of Darth Vader’s head that spits out Star Wars emblazoned bread? There’s no reason not to buy it. It even has settings so you can choose whether you want your toast on the Dark Side or the Light Side.


I Will Not Be Your Father Condom

There’s no better way to let your motivations be known than giving another person this product, although you should probably not give this on a first date, and only once the two of you have discussed whether that’s even an option on the table. Consent is sexy.


Star Wars Virtual Reality

This new video game allows you to fully immerse yourself in the Star Wars universe. With the headset comes the handle of a lightsaber that you can use to hone your skills until you become a Jedi Master.


App Controlled BB8

Feel like Rey with this completely lifelike BB8 droid. He is controlled by an app on your phone, and he can follow you around as your trusted sidekick while you tackle finals week.

By: Kevin Thomas ~Campus News Editor~