Review: Origins updates Assassin’s franchise

Beat the snowy days with this new video game set in hot ancient Egypt

Photo courtesy of | Ubisoft released the newest edition of its popular game series, Assassin’s Creed, on Oct. 27. Assassin’s Creed Origins follows the beginnings of the Assassin Order through reliving the memories of an Egyptian Medjay, Bayek.

Ubisoft’s popular game series Assassin’s Creed is back after a one-year hiatus with its tenth installment of the game: Assassin’s Creed Origins. In this game, players discover the beginnings of the Assassin Order with its roots lying in ancient Egypt.

In Assassin’s Creed Origins, players are put into the shoes of Bayek, an Egyptian Medjay native of Siwa. After his son is killed by a ruthless Order of the Ancients group, Bayek is determined to seek revenge against them.

Even though Origins is the 10th game in the series to be released, it technically opens the overall story line. It features a variety of updates that make it exciting to play while maintaing the bare bones of an Assassins Creed game. For example, Bayek has eagle vision, but instead of hitting a button to scan the surrounding area, players control his tamed eagle named Senu to scout the location.

Another concept that remains the same is the ability to fight animals and gather materials from hunting them. In this game, the animals are pretty aggressive and in some cases even hard to hunt because they engage in groups. Beware the alligators, they will run after you from the water!

What this game does best is provide the gamer with more customization than ever before, and as a frequent AC game player, this was a much-welcome addition. Through the main quests and plentiful side quests, players can level up Bayek to gain more health and opportunites to obtain more weapons. This game actually has a weapon arsenal like never before. Not only can Bayek equip three different classes of bows, but he can also handle a variety of weapons, from heavy and powerful maces to long-reaching quick weapons and even to dual shortswords that allow a swift taking out of enemies.

The game developers have completely tailored this game to take into account the overall user experience. In previous games, there was only one default difficulty setting, but in this game, the player has the option to make the game super easy all the way up to a nightmarish difficulty.

Aside from the control system being slightly different than past games, Origins has a restructured combat system that requires players to time up not only attacks but also defenses. This makes the game innately more difficult. The days of button mashing are finally over.

I think what this game does really well is provide a natural progression. Both side quests and main quests have an assigned level, which is the level that is suggested to complete the quest. From my experience with the game, it is impossible to jump from main quest to another main quest because of how increasingly difficult the missions get. That being said, the side missions are all the more important.

Hands down the best part of the game is the abilities you can get with ability points when you level up. There are three categories of abilities: hunter, warrior and seer. These categories have some crossover but for the most part are all unique in their own right. I suggest unlocking abilities based on your style of play. Personally, I’m not a stealthy player, so most of the abilities that I have bought thus far have been warrior skills.

Ubisoft struck gold with Assassin’s Creed Origins. There are a bunch of new features that, in my opinion, are really great additions to an already amazing game franchise. I miss the days of the Ezio trilogy, but Origins is a great start trending in the upward direction.

By: Luke Feliciano ~Sports Editor~