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Photo courtesy of The New York Times | Lady Bird was one of only a few creatively diverse movies to come out in the last year.

Duke Nukem is the perfect exaggeration of toxic masculinity to ever be created in pixels. He’s an R-rated character that was introduced to the world in 1991 with Duke Nukem, a 2D side scroller. He became famous in 1996, with the release of Duke Nukem 3D, one of the big three first- person shooter games that pushed the genre to the forefront of video gaming — and John Cena may just bring the hyperbolic macho-man action hero to life in a few years.

According to Variety, Cena, a WWE wrestler, is currently in talks to star in Paramount’s upcoming Duke Nukem movie. The movie, which currently does not have a director or script, will probably not be a good movie. The Duke Nukem franchise is almost entirely dead at this point, as people have gotten over the pop culture references from the series, and the Duke Nukem character has been almost entirely worn out. People have grown tired of this kind of action hero. The story has been done to death, and it won’t succeed, in all likeliness.

When I first saw that John Cena was in talks to play Duke Nukem in a live-action adaptation of the video game series, I was thrilled. I thought it was an awesome idea to bring such an iconic video game character to life on the big screen and Cena would be the perfect person for the role. Then, after spending a few minutes thinking about it, I realized that I would never see the movie when or if it came out.

I am tired of movie adaptations and sequels.

I don’t typically go out to the movies for that very reason — there’s nothing exciting in most theaters. I’ve paid movie theater prices to see exactly two movies in the last year: The Disaster Artist and Lady Bird. While the former may be based on a book and a movie, it was still exciting because of how weird the subject matter was. The latter was the best movie I’ve seen in quite some time and it wasn’t based on anything other than the writer’s life experience.

By: Kevin Thomas ~Staff Writer~