Features Extras – 1/31/2018



  • Super bowl
  • football
  • touchdown
  • Patriots
  • Boston
  • Eagles
  • Philadelphia
  • food
  • nachos
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Aries: This week will feel like it keeps happening over and over and over again. Groundhog’s Day much?

Taurus: You will become fast friends with the person sitting two people to your left at lunch.

Gemini: When life gives you lemons, it probably means life is going to be sour.

Cancer: Yikes, you will get stuck on the ski lift at the SAC ski trip.

Leo: Rule of thumb for this week: say yes to everything (that isn’t dangerous), especially to dessert.

Virgo: The Super Bowl is your time to shine as the nacho eating champ. Kind of a cheesy achievement!

Libra: The magic 8 ball says you should definitely not work out tomorrow (applies to all tomorrows).

Scorpio: You are financially stable enough to throw all your money into buying Crocs for every day of the week.

Sagittarius: Take a moment to stop and smell the roses; while you’re at it, smell your armpit too.

Capricorn: Take cover or you will see your shadow this Friday!

Aquarius: It’s Wednesday my dudes. Take a load off, change into your comfy clothes and shed a tear for the 379+ days since Vine ended.

Pisces: In order to feel most united with your horoscope of two fish, hydrate so you don’t die-drate.

This post was assembled by Features Editor Monica Schweiger.