SAC plans Black and White Semi-Formal Dance

Photo courtesy of Xavier SAC Twitter | Student Activities Council is adding another dance to its acitivities, but this time it’s on land and tickets are free.

School dances seem to be a thing of the past, except the annual Boat Dance. However, last Thursday tickets went on sale for a different Xavier dance.

The line curled a full circle around the entire first floor of Gallagher Student Center (GSC), folding back and forth in Arrupe Overlook as more than 300 people waited for free tickets to the semi-formal black-and-white-themed dance.

Student Activities Council (SAC) will be hosting the free dance in the Cintas Center banquet hall on Feb. 9.

“We love hosting the Boat Dance in the fall and have considered the idea of hosting another formal dance during the spring semester,” junior SAC Entertainment Committee Chair Kyle Gilliam said. “Our board this year really wanted to see it happen and it just followed from there.”

First-year Rachel James was caught in a gray area on whether or not she wanted to attend the occassion.

“At first, I wanted to skip class because I knew the wait for getting tickets would be long,” James said. “However, I decided against that decision and ran to the GSC immediately after my last class.”

James received her tickets after only half an hour, but many students came much earlier than her.

“Since this is the first semi-formal in years, we wanted it to be classy but simple and we felt that black and white is something many students would be able to work with,” Gilliam said. “(However), there’s no dress code and we encourage students to dress in whatever makes them feel comfortable.”

As for the future of this dance or dances like it, Gilliam said SAC would like to see it become an annual event, but it all depends on student reception.

“We do our best to plan events our student body will enjoy, and are hopeful they’ll have a great time on the ninth,” Gilliam said.

James thinks the semi-formal will turn into an annual event just like the Boat Dance.

“I’ve always loved dances, ever since I was a toddler, so going to formal dances is probably my favorite event,” James said. “I’m mostly excited for dancing even though a good excuse to get all glammed up isn’t bad either. I am so pumped to see my friends at the dance as well as the chance to see my boyfriend who goes to another school get the opportunity to dance the night away with me.”

By: Brittany Wells ~Staff Writer~