MLB preview: Jeter assembles fantastic fish squad

Photo courtesy of | Miami Marlins Chief Executive Officer Derek Jeter made some real power moves that many predict will pay off for the team. The Marlins are now loaded with talent and are out to prove the naysayers wrong.

Spring has sprung, and with it comes America’s favorite (and best) pastime: opening day baseball! Lots of crazy things have happened in the offseason. With Boston trading back for the remains of Babe Ruth and the St. Louis Cardinals becoming a minor league team, there’s a whole lot of baseball to predict for this season.

To start, my hottest take: The Miami Marlins will win the NL East. “Whoa, just take it easy man,” some of you might say, but I stand by this prediction. Sure, some may say that Derek Jeter trading away anyone of value from the team will significantly hurt its chances of winning a division.

Some may even say that this decision quite possibly makes it the worst team in the league. But what people fail to recall is when LeBron takes his talents to South Beach when basketball season ends, the Marlins will literally be unbeatable. Sure, they may lose every game up until that point, but it will be worth it to see the greatest winning streak in history.

For the NL Central comes my obvious World Series winner, the Chicago Cubs. Look, let’s face it, most teams won’t stand a chance. Despite an arguably rocky start, the Cubs will find their groove in a week. They should just be awarded the title right then and there. With an unstoppable rotation and the absolute best lineup in the game, no one will be able to stop the North Siders this year.

In the NL West, the Padres will crush the rest of the division with their young talent, but the Colorado Rockies will have the best rotation. Sure, the Dodgers may have the greatest pitcher they’ve ever had in Magic Johnson, but somehow Peyton Manning coming out of retirement to pitch in Denver will be able to overrule the HR conditions of Coors field.

AL East winner this year: Boston Celtics. Need I explain more?

In the AL Central the Indians will be forced to be renamed the Fighting Bunnies and will crumble under the competition.

The White Sox will be sneaky and claim this division, purely because they brought some cheese and a butter knife.

In the AL West, Kevin Durant will not be satisfied with just winning basketball titles. He will snake his way onto the A’s roster hoping to dominate the infield like he does the court. He won’t. The A’s will be crushed by the reigning champs in the Houston Astros, who in turn will be crushed by the Cubs in the World Series.

So there you have it, the hottest of takes for the 2018 MLB season. Don’t cry if your team didn’t make the list.

Take it from a true Cubs fan: there’s always next year.

By: Cespedes Family BBQ ~Baseball Experts~