XavierFest Preview

XavierFest starts at 4 on the Yard so get ready!

Photos courtesy of YouTube

Mike Stud

His music can be described in one word: tolerable. Relatively unoriginal, Mike Stud seems to rap more about “bitches,” “fame,” and getting drunk than of anything relatively substantial. Though the shallow subject material of his music is unsurprising, it’s also unoriginal and doesn’t add anything new or innovative to the music scene. The tune and beat of his music is better than most of the aggressive rap music filling house parties, but is nothing I’d every add to a playlist.

Best song(s): This Feeling; Brightside

McKinley Dixon

A step up from Mike Stud is McKinley Dixon. His lyrics are much more crafted and intentional than those of Mike Stud. McKinley Dixon takes on a more upbeat approach to his music, though a lot of his songs end up blurring together with similar sounds. I was really impressed with his song “Bare Knuckle” and its funky urban feel as well as its social commentary.

Best song: Bare Knuckle


Giving some major JoJo vibes, Cassidi’s music is definitely the kind of sound you’d hear on the radio. Though definitely vocally talented, Cassidi’s biggest advantage is being able to differentiate her songs from one another. Bringing in heavy bass beats and soft piano, Cassidi’s versatile nature keeps listeners interested with each new track. If you’re looking for more music that belongs on the average pop radio station, check out Cassidi’s music. Think “Closer” by The Chainsmokers meets JoJo.

Best song(s): All Eyes; Fake Friends


Lee Dewyze

Considering his success on American Idol, it’s no shock that Lee Dewyze has some talent. He’s definitely a versatile artist where each song is on a spectrum of Imagine Dragons, American Authors and AWOLNATION. Occasionally, Lee brings out a mild twang in his songs, but nothing that a Mumford & Sons or Lumineers fan couldn’t get behind. Lee Dewyze has a great voice and some pretty moving music that you can still bop along to. If you’re looking for a single artist that’s similar to any of the bands listed above, give Lee Dewyze a listen. Just don’t be thrown off by his most popular song “Sweet Serendipity,” which sounds more like Andy Grammer. It’s from 2010–it was a different time.

Best song(s): Blackbird Song; Oil & Water

DJ Jacoby

Though you’ll need to be bilingual to understand DJ Jacoby’s afro-pop music, his tracks are, without a doubt, worthy of a dance party. With higher drum beats and the occasional sounding of trumpets, DJ Jacoby’s music creates a worry-free environment that makes it pretty irresistible to be on anything but your feet.

Best song: On sait pas ou on va

By: Hannah Paige-Michels ~Staff Writer~