Staff Spotify: What we’re listening to

Get to know the Newswire editorial staff with our current favorite albums

High as Hope by Florence and the Machine


I’ve been listening to this album all summer! High as Hope has the robust vocals, dynamic musicality and powerful figurative language we’ve all come to expect from Florence Welch and the band without falling into a rut stylistically. Without abandoning her fanciful nature, this album celebrates authenticity and gives an intimate look at Welch’s joys and pains.

Heather Gast, Campus News Editor

Kill Your Darlings by Elsa and Emilie

Kill Your Darlings.jpg

I really love the artist’s haunting melody in this album. It’s not overwhelming in cases where I want to listen to it while studying and a beautiful source of inspiration when I actually want to focus on it for creative projects.

Soondos Mulla-Ossman, Features Editor

The Serenity of Suffering by Korn

The Serenity of Suffering.jpg

This album encapsulates the reasons I love Korn: It’s heavy, it’s intense and it’s one hell of a musical ride. There’s a constant ebb and flow that’s unsettling, yet comforting. This album will always hold a special space in my heart because I attended the concert where the single“Rotting in Vain” was premiered.

Ellen Siefke, Editor-in-Chief


Sweetener by Ariana Grande


I stan Ari to the moon and back, so I was so excited for this album. The tracks deviate from her pop diva style toward a relaxed, chill vibe. “breathin” and “God is a woman” are the best tracks, hands down, but that doesn’t mean to ignore the rest. Ari is exploring a new sound in exciting ways while keeping the powerful belting that we all love front and center. As an artist, she’s grown in unexpected ways and has staked her permanent claim as a pop superstar.

Trever McKenzie, Online Editor

This post was assembled by Arts & Entertainment editor Riley Head.